Watertown Based Revels Names New Executive Director

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Kate Stookey was named the new executive director of Revels, the Watertown based group known for producing the Christmas Revels.

Kate Stookey was named the new executive director of Revels, the Watertown based group known for producing the Christmas Revels.

The following announcement came from Revels:

Revels, Inc., the beloved steward of world songs, stories, and traditions,
is pleased to announce the appointment of Kate Stookey as its Executive Director, effective January 31, 2019.

Stookey’s appointment comes as Revels readies itself for the next chapter of its nearly 50-year history. Founded in 1971 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Revels is best known for its annual production of The Christmas Revels, a seasonal celebration now shared across the US through eight affiliate companies.

“It is such a joy to be able to place Revels in the hands of such a capable and energetic executive as Kate,” said Stine O’Brien, President of the Revels Board of Directors. “Her vision, enthusiasm, and experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors are huge assets as Revels prepares for the
next 50 years.”

Stookey started her career in corporate marketing in Atlanta and New York, managing communications for brands such as The History Channel and the United States Tennis Association, among others. Shifting to public and non-profit work in later years, she led and managed communications, change management, and community partnership initiatives for award-winning
national and global agencies.

“I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t a part of my life,” Stookey said, “and having worked in countries all over the world, I am incredibly excited to join an organization that blends music, dance, and storytelling to build connections between diverse people and cultures. I look forward to working with my colleagues at Revels to set the stage for its next half century.”

Born in New York City and raised from an early age in a small coastal town in Maine, Stookey studied international affairs at Brown University, where she also spent one year as a theater major. She now resides in the Boston suburbs with her husband and their two young children.

“Kate brings a passion for traditional music, a background in theater arts, a stellar career in marketing and communications, and a clear-eyed enthusiasm for the Revels mission,” said Revels Artistic Director Paddy Swanson. “I am confident she will bring a fresh sense of purpose and scale to our beloved organization.”

The Revels Board of Directors is grateful to Board Vice President Tom Reece, who chaired the executive director search committee, and to committee members Jan Emlen, Natty Smith, Amey Moot, and Kristine O’Brien.

About Revels: Revels engages audiences in nine cities nationwide in theatrical and musical experiences that bring the world’s cultural traditions and celebrations to life. Since its founding in 1971, nearly two million people nationwide have joined in the song and dance of Revels’ seasonal celebrations. Programs include the flagship production Christmas Revels, the Revels RiverSing, Spring Sing, Salons, Harbor Cruises, and Pub Sings, as well as innovative educational programs for children. Revels’ cast and backstage crew include professional and non-professional singers, dancers, and storytellers ranging from young children to adults. Learn more at www.revels.org.

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