2 thoughts on “MassDOT Seeks Input on Mass. Bicycle Transportation Plan

  1. Sorry DOT but you and Mr Brownsberger already showed you don’t care about making this equal for all. we can see by the latest bus lines and your statements that people who drive cars are not worth helping Nd will push for better transportation for buses and bikes vs cars. we see this in Watertown and Cambridge .

    most all on bikes that I come across do not follow the law or rules or the road. so I do not support you in this. if anything the MBTA and MASSDOT need to be shutdown all fired and start from scratch

    • This comment is a load of malarkey. If you followed the process, you would know that Senator Brownsberger has been very concerned about how the bus lane plan impacted auto traffic. He and the project leaders went through great effort to iron out any problems. But it is much easier to simply shoot off your mouth without any facts. It is also easy to ignore the fact that the majority of commuters on the Mount Auburn corridor ride the buses. In the end, despite initial problems, I think that the majority of folks would agree that the changes have been an improvement.

      “most all on bikes that I come across do not follow the law or rules or the road.” This statement, a very broad and questionable generalization, is a cue that thoughtful people can ignore everything you say. It also requires little courage to slam your neighbors without signing your name.

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