Watertown Native’s Cartoon “Small Saves” Makes its Watertown News Debut

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The comic strip Small Saves makes its Watertown News debut this week. The strip has been featured in a number of places, including a national hockey publication. Its author, James DeMarco, played hockey as a youngster growing up in Watertown.

The cartoon will run weekly on Watertown News.

The following information was provided by James DeMarco:

James DeMarco became a goaltender at age 5. It’s his life’s passion to stand between the pipes and keep the puck out of the net. Combining this with the love of cartooning, Small Saves emerged in 1991 and took on a life of his own. “To play goal–then come home and draw Small Saves — is my ideal definition of a good day.”

“Small Saves” creator James DeMarco in his days as a goalie in Watertown Youth Hockey.

James was raised in Watertown, MA. Although he has since moved away, he does — and always will — consider Watertown his home. In the ’70s he played in the Watertown Youth Hockey program, which was the inspiration for Small Saves. The cartoon goalie always proudly wears the trademark hockey colors in honor of Watertown. Currently featured in magazines such as USA Hockey, James felt it was time for the little netminder to come home. He is very proud to see Small Saves appear in The Watertown News.

As for James, he earned an Associate Degree in Commercial Art at Bunker Hill Community College in 1986. For over 30 years he has worked in the silk-screening field. He also works as a freelance illustrator while continuing to indulge his passion for goaltending. He says that playing hockey contributes greatly to the perspective needed to create the strip. “From your vantage point,” DeMarco says, “you get to see the best and worst of your team, and you need to balance your desire to scream with the ability to laugh.”

See more Small Saves comic strips at www.smallsaves.com

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  1. We are so proud of James! I have followed his career from Day 1. His unique takes on hockey and life always makes my day! This newspaper puts him one step closer to gaining nationwide recognition, which is well deserved!

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