2 thoughts on “Lowell School Plans Please School Building Committee; Updated on Hosmer & Cunniff

  1. The design of the addition on the lowell School looks well done.
    However, as there is a lot of money planned for these renovations, how well does this addition and other changes address the list of needs of the students and parents?
    One of the first things I notice is there is less parking and no mention of addressing the always problematic traffic flow. Egresses with no weather protection, energy efficiency, solar, future changeability of infrastructure just to name a few.

    • David, there is less parking, which was discussed at a prior meeting I attended at Lowell. They are also trying to work on traffic flow. No solution has been announced yet, however. I think the school is taking the lead on that. Parents interested in the design on the school side should probably ask the principal about the process.

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