DPW Cleaning Catch Basins Around Watertown This Month

The Watertown Department of Public Works will be cleaning catch basins around town in September.

The following announcement was provided by the Department of Public Works:

Catch basins carry stormwater off the streets and into the Town’s drainage system, which ultimately flows to the Charles River. The purpose of this work is to remove sediment and oils that accumulate in the catch basins to reduce the risk of flooding and so that these pollutants don’t go into the river.

Remember to keep catch basins free and clear of debris that could clog them when it rains. And help keep the Town and river clean by never placing dog waste, leaves, litter or pollutants down the storm drain.

For additional information, please refer to the DPW web-site, at www.watertowndpw.org.

2 thoughts on “DPW Cleaning Catch Basins Around Watertown This Month

  1. A friendly reminder that Watertown has separate sewage and wastewater systems. All stormwater flows untreated to the Charles River. I have seen residents pouring antifreeze down the drain and this is extremely toxic to fish. Billions of dollars and many decades of hard work have improved the Charles River water quality drastically. Let’s keep this progress moving forward. Please, keep mindful and never dump!

  2. Good idea to remind people not to throw/discard anything in a storm drain – certainly not oil or toxics but even if you think it’s organic/biodegradable. It’s purpose is to remove storm water, anything that impedes the flow reduces its function.

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