20 thoughts on “Four Arrested on Prostitution Charges After Joint WPD/FBI Human Trafficking Sting

  1. It would be helpful to know the names and locations of these massage parlors so that innocent potential customers could feel safe using them. Otherwise, this notice would make most people avoid all locations in Watertown.

  2. Bravo to law enforcement. Well done. That said, law enforcement needs laws with teeth to shut down the business and pull the license. These arrests affect only alleged “bad apple” employees who can be quickly replaced. And seedy shady business continues as usual. There should be a way to shut down the business. Perhaps a city bylaw or state law that one or more violations of this nature shuts down this business? License holders and Owners of property should be held responsible for what happens on their property. Is this a job for state reps? City Councilor?

  3. Actually knowing the name of the massage parlors that allow this activity would be helpful so we who get legitimate massage won’t go there. Then maybe they will go out if business. Were that shut down?

  4. Some of the locations are right in the middle of a square or intersection. 2 Mt. Auburn, 12 Belmont Street, corner of Waverly & Orchard and one apartment building. Wow!

    • Right, these are visible from the street and even have signage in their windows. In fact most have been there for years. The fact that no one except the patrons knew or cared illustrates how silly the laws against this activity are. Most of us didn’t have a clue it was happening until this article was published.

      • I think you are wrong. I actually think many people knew about some of these businesses. I had heard numerous people talk about the one at the intersection of Orchard and Waverley and the ongoing speculation that it was being used this way.

        I do think any men involved should be NAMED AND SHAMED along with the women that work there. I would say it’s pretty obvious that these women are being forced to do this for the owners.

  5. Did they arrest any of the men soliciting their services or have they considered the women to be the primary criminals? Ridiculous double standard.

  6. The title of this article, coupled with the specific FBI division (Child Exploitation-Human Trafficking Task Force) is extremely misleading. If no minors or human trafficking was identified, why are those two phrases a main focus of this tiny article?
    Title should read “Consenting adults busted for sex-money exchange.”
    Sorry but in 2019, there are way more important crimes to be dealing with as undercover operations.

  7. It is unfair to assume these businesses or locations are bad. If somehow this happened at the library would you stop going to the library?
    Also – while human trafficking is gross, let’s not victmize people who choose to include sexual acts as part of their services.
    It’s conceivable that a “massage” of this type is mutually beneficial and not a form of abuse.

  8. Lol @ all these “who knew” comments. Hint : a “legit” massage parlor doesnt have neon signage, shades covering the windows, and multiple security cameras over the entrance.

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