Pair Who Helped Asylum Seekers at Border to Speak in Watertown

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Several Watertown citizen groups announced they will host the event “Stories from the Border: Roots and Realities with Raquel Bauman and Sylvia Cowan.”

The group sent out the following information:

Wednesday, November 20
7:00 p.m – 8:30 p.m.
First Parish of Watertown
35 Church Street

Raquel Bauman and Sylvia Cowan of First Parish Bedford went to the Border as Spanish-speaking volunteers in a detention center to assist asylum-seekers and to observe events in Mexico and Texas last February.  They will share stories they heard and events they witnessed first-hand there, along with updates and a look at origins of this growing humanitarian crisis on our Mexican Border.

Since that time, the situation has continued to escalate into a heartbreaking humanitarian crisis—both on the U.S. border and in neighboring Mexico. Sylvia & Raquel invite you to accompany them vicariously on their journey. Come hear what they learned, aspects of the current realities, and exploration of roots of this crisis.  In the end, we are invited to consider what steps we all might take to live our values of justice for all and helping one another.

Sponsored by First Parish of Watertown, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice & the Environment, World in Watertown, Watertown Welcomes Immigrants, and Survival Education Fund, Inc.

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