3 thoughts on “Discuss the Options and Vision for the New High School at a Meeting on Jan. 21

  1. Can someone please point me to where all this information is( dates, design, previous meeting minutes…) !? The Watertown school district building for the future site has almost no content nor dates. I’ve emailed those I thought were in charge better never even get a response. Thank goodness Charlie knows and posts these dates! The public is poorly communicated to, which doesn’t bode well to convincing residents to pay for an override . Please put some of the effort into communication on the website devoted to the new High school project!

    • Hey Kate, They have a few dates if you go the agenda page under School Building Committee. They are having meetings on Jan. 15 focusing on the elementary schools, and Jan. 29 on both elementary and high school. They are usually at 6 p.m. in Town Hall.

      • Charlie,
        Thanks! I did hear back from those in charge who said they are asking for updates the Building for the Future website(which is specifically made for this reason:>). I’ll know to look at the School Committee meetings too but I was more interested in the Public sessions.

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