Nominations Wanted for 2020 Historic Preservation Awards

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Members of the Historical Commission are pleased to announce the Historic Preservation Awards nomination season is now opened!

Over the last year, members of the Historical Commission have modified and simplified the nomination package for the Historic Preservation Awards..  They are pleased to announce it is easier than ever to nominate an individual, group or project, whose actions and efforts have made a contribution that celebrates and enhances the historical and/or architectural fabric of Watertown. Please click on the link below to open the package.

New and Improved 2020 HPA Nomination Package

  • The nomination package is now shorter and much easier to understand, and it takes minimal time to complete the form now. 
  • Members of the Historical Commission are happy to support anyone in the selection of the category for a nomination, for those who find it challenging to choose.

 The awards will be held in May of 2020 at the Commanders Mansion.  The evening will include a delightful visual presentation of all the projects being awarded that were completed between the years of 2018 and 2019.  A delicious reception and social hour will follow.  

The exact date of the ceremony will be announced at the March 12, 2020 Historical Commission meeting, and a notice will be sent out to the public through the Town web site as soon as it is available.


Awards are presented bi-annually to preservation projects and individuals that have displayed an outstanding commitment to historic preservation in Watertown. Projects completed in the years 2018 and 2019 are eligible for consideration. The Watertown Historical Commission encourages residents, groups, developers, businesses, preservation professionals and other interested persons to nominate outstanding preservation projects for this honor.

The Richard E. Mastrangelo Memorial Award for any elected individual, or an employee of Watertown for taking a leadership role as a champion supporting the preservation of a Historical Resource.

The Citizenship Award for taking a leadership role in educating members of the community about local historical preservation issues or concerns in Watertown.

The Community Spirit Award for taking a leadership role in the advancement of sharing appreciation for Watertown’s own unique cultural make up.

The Service to Youth Award for taking a leadership role in directing or fostering youth in the activity of studying Watertown’s local history or encouraging youth participation in historical preservation of the Town.

The Architectural Preservation Award for taking a leadership role in bettering any building within Watertown exhibiting the use of architectural restoration standards and/or methods.

The Environmental Preservation Award for taking a leadership role in bettering any property within Watertown using techniques that restore the property of active community, or private use that upon completion displays a beautification which had previously fallen into disrepair or neglect.

The Historical Resources Preservation Award for taking a leadership role that supports Watertown’s efforts of preserving historical resources and provides accessibility of them to the entire community.

• Only one nomination is allowed per submission but an individual, organization or project may be nominated for more than one category.

• Individuals, organizations and project teams are welcome to nominate themselves.

• Historical Commission members and their families are not eligible for nomination.

• Nominees who are selected to receive Preservation Awards will be notified of their selection by the Office of Historic Preservation after nominations have been closed.

• All material which is submitted as part of a nomination package becomes the property of the Watertown Historical Commission

• If you have a nominee in mind but are unsure of the category, feel free to submit the nomination form and ask members of the Historical Commission to select an appropriate category for your nominee.

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