LETTER: Resident Wants to Control Military Spending

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To the Editor:

Before we vote in the Democratic primary on March 3, we need to give serious consideration to the following issue: Our military spending is swallowing our resources.

In the 1990’s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were many analyses of why it happened. One reason that was on everyone’s list was the enormous amounts of money that the Soviet Union had been spending on the military, resulting in neglect of the social needs of the society.

Is the United States pushing itself into that same trap? Well over 50% of our Federal Government’s discretionary spending goes to the military. Congress has authorized $738 billion for the military, and $1.2 trillion for nuclear weapons modernization. Meanwhile our infrastructure crumbles, we are told that Medicare for All would cost too much, there is no money for free higher education, we cannot afford a Green New Deal. We are neglecting the needs of the citizens while enriching the suppliers of the military. We must ask which candidates will put spending for the good of the people of the United States. As part of “truth in advertising,” the candidates must tell us how they will address this “elephant in the room.”

Voters: please go to the polls on Tuesday, March 3, and as you vote, consider how each candidate will bring our military spending under control.

Jeanne Trubek
Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment

2 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Wants to Control Military Spending

  1. The FREE STUFF that should worries us is the millions of dollars in tax incentives given to the biggest companies in America, how about the multiple billions of dollars intended to bail out farmers that are financially crushed by tariffs imposed with China that are primarily being given to giant Ag business’ while smaller operations that are equally effected by those same tariffs get very little, how about that lack of availability of basic health care to lower income and even moderate income Americans while the top 10% in the country have no worries because they receive a very high level of health care, then there is the all important education that can’t be afforded by many younger Americans and the only way they can compete and go to college is to go into debt that not only cripples our your people but their families as well. Taking them out of the economy which presents its own problems. And those immigrants that are supposedly flooding into this country would be better addressed if our political genius’ could come up with a real and effective immigration plan so maybe those folks could be admitted more orderly and will no longer mistakenly be perceived as lawless invaders only taking and not contributing. This is the richest and most powerful country in the world and so by whatever pathway we just need to do a much better job of returning to the country of compassion that made us deserving of the Statue of Liberty, and spread the wealth to all of us, and the stability afforded by it, so everyone can have the opportunity to achieve a better lives.

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