3 thoughts on “CANCELLED: Learn About Rank by Choice Voting at Forum in Watertown

  1. Rank choice voting is the worst possible option for voting. Many people in CA and ME agree that it didn’t turn out the way they thought it would in their last votes and wish they never approved it. It puts people into office that the majority of people didn’t want. Be careful in trying to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed.

  2. I agree with you Joan.
    With rank choice voting you are more likely to get the worst, not the best candidate. Simple decision making requires that you start with the handful of choices and simplify it until you have the best last 2 remaining. Then you make a choice on the best of the 2 who made it to the final. If the last 2 aren’t the best then people didn’t do the homework required to get the best final 2.
    Rank Choice will never fix the problem of not having the best last 2 to chose from.
    If you can’t make a decision from the final 2 then you either have bad choices or the system has become corrupted by criminal forces (like in the republican party).
    Rank choice can’t fix either of these.

  3. You know who doesn’t like ranked choice voting? Apologists for two dominant parties. The two parties that pretend to be different, but are both beholden to big money and corporate interests. I am all in favor of ranked choice voting, as it allows third parties to have a better chance. No longer will you have to vote for the lessor of two evils.

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