Watertown Square Post Office Closed Temporarily

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The U.S. Post Office in Watertown Square has closed with no known date for reopening, and lobby service will be sporadic.

Watertown Town Councilor Angeline Kounelis said she was alerted by a resident about the closing of the post office on Main Street.

“It has been brought to our attention that the U.S. Post Office at 126 Main St., in Watertown Sq., closed early on Saturday the 28th. A sign was posted on the door indicating unknown status for reopening,” Kounelis said.

Kounelis spoke with officials at the USPS distribution center in Waltham, and was told that the resident was correct. She was not told the reason for the closing, however.

“For the foreseeable future, the 126 Main St. location will only be open as staffing levels allow,” Kounelis said in an email to residents. 

A resident also pointed out that post office boxes in the lobby are inaccessible when the Post Office is closed. Kounelis said USPS officials told her that they would be open sporadically.

The East End Post Office at 589 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, remains open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Kounelis said.

“:As with everything; services are subject to change,” she added.

Stamps can also be purchased at retailers such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Stamps and other Post Office products can be purchased on the USPS.com website, as well as scheduling pickups.

5 thoughts on “Watertown Square Post Office Closed Temporarily

  1. And if you need to access your PO box, you can’t? I’m not sure I understand how your mail can be withheld and kept from you with no definitive date for retrieval.

  2. Obviously my first thought was that somebody at the main PO has the virus which someone on Watertown news FB page seemed to confirm. So scary. Surprised that they can’t allow people access to their mailboxes. In case people don’t know – the other branch they mentioned on Mt. Auburn is extremely small, so would suggest that people not all storm it at once if possible. This is especially important with social distancing that it seems not everybody is following despite the dire situation.

    • The reason for the closing of the Post Office is speculation at this point. It could also be someone in another post office is out and they moved people around. Also, it sounds like the Main St. Post Office was open on Monday.

      • Yes, didn’t mean to imply if I did that Watertown News was reporting that as the reason. I hope you’re right and it was for some other reason. Thanks for keeping the community up to date.

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