Free Produce Deliveries Available for SNAP/HIP Customers

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Mass Food Delivery

The following information was provided by the Watertown Farmers Market:

Mass Food Delivery is offering SNAP/HIP customers a variety of options to access Farm Fresh food with FREE delivery to your door. (free delivery for SNAP eligible customers only)

See information here

Are you looking for a way to access your $40 HIP benefit? Mass Food Delivery is offering a 15 lb. mixed produce box of fruits & vegetables (a
$40 value). Delivered to your door FREE with a HIP transaction. Other sizes available. For the link to $40 box click here:

*SNAP/HIP Customers: Select your items, choose SNAP payment, and enter “SNAP” in the coupon code section (for free delivery). If you are using HIP dollars, write “HIP $” in the Notes section. Once you submit payment, you will be contacted shortly after to provide EBT information, via phone or
email. All processed orders will receive an email confirmation.

For information on ordering, contact Brian at:

The Healthy Incentive Program is an extension of the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Here is how it works – households of:
1-2 can earn a bonus of up to $40 per month.
3-5 can earn a bonus of up to $60 per month.
6 or more can earn a bonus of up to $80 per month.

When making a food stamp (SNAP) purchase of fresh produce, the cost of the produce selected is first taken from your current food stamp balance and then promptly reimbursed as the HIP benefit back into your SNAP
balance to use. It’s like free money! Reimbursement is only up to the monthly total allotted to your household ($40, $60, $80, monthly).

Visit the Watertown Farmers’ Market this summer! We offer a $15 SNAP Match & process HIP. For more information about the Watertown Farmers Market go to

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