5 thoughts on “OP-ED: Mass. Legislature Passes Bill for Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures

  1. Let’s please think about this misguided legislation that Senator Brownsberger and others approve of.

    If a tenant – as often happens – has been dealing illegal drugs from his or her apartment, or is a nuisance or hazard to other tenants in the building including children, he or she cannot be evicted.

    Does that strike you as wise legislation? No, it doesn’t.

    There is another long-standing problem that the state legislature won’t address:

    If a tenant cites any code violation whatsoever (cracked window, a bit of chipped paint, leaky faucet etc.) he can stop paying rent and often the judge will not make him pay any rent at all. If the tenant has created the code violation himself, no one will know, and he does not necessarily have to let the landlord in to make repairs. You may not believe that, but it’s a fact. It’s called “the free rent trick.”

    The tenant does not even have to escrow the rent in the meantime. That’s right. He can often pay nothing at all.

    After months of this, the tenant moves out without paying rent, and the landlord is out thousands of dollars or he even has to pay the tenant to move. It’s true.

    There are many issues faced by small landlords who get no sympathy from the state legislature because – ahem – certain of our “elected representatives” do not care and will not take any action.

    • I have to relinquish over a third of my monthly income (which is before taxes, I have to set aside over half of my after-tax dollars in order to meet the bar) to a man who has owned the building in which I live since 2004, meaning every single month of rent that he’s collected after that date is pure profit for him, at the paltry cost of a water and sewer bill every month, and once-yearly property taxes.

      Please excuse me if I don’t feel badly for the poor defenseless landlords who have suddenly realized that my living paycheck to paycheck also means that they’re dependent on me getting that paycheck for them to be able to leech out the tithe they’ve convinced themselves that they deserve.

      • Tenants have way too many rights. Landlords have none.
        And there is nothing paltry about water and property taxes in this town. We’re talking at least $12,000 per year on top of mortgage and home repairs. That’s half of my monthly income. You should try paying that every year instead of whining that you and every other renters think you should be living for free.

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