Watertown Groups Start Mutual Aid Network so Neighbors Can Help Neighbors

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The Watertown Community Foundation teamed with Wayside to launch new Watertown Mutual Aid Network, which will allow neighbors to assist neighbors in these difficult times.

The Watertown Community Foundation and the Wayside Youth & Family Support Network sent out the following information:

Welcome to the Watertown Mutual Aid Network, funded by the Watertown Community Foundation in association with Wayside Youth & Family Support Network’s  Multi-Service Center.

Mutual aid is a way for Watertown neighbors to support each other, by delivering food, making weekly calls for social support, providing financial assistance, and in many other ways. By following this link, you will find information about how to use mutual aid, links to forms to offer help and request aid from your Watertown neighbors, and additional resources.

Please reach out to Sophia, the Community Coordinator at Sophia_Suarez-Friedman@WaysideYouth.org or 617-744-9585 if you have any questions or wish to offer help or request aid over the phone (translation services are available). We hope that this resource will bring our community together during this difficult time.  

See more details below:

Welcome to the Watertown Mutual Aid Network

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In these fast-moving and uncertain times, it’s important that we show up for each other and build strong connections with our neighbors here in Watertown. We all have something to offer and we all have something we need. Please use our Mutual Aid Network to get help when you need it, help others when you can, and stay connected with our community.

How mutual aid works:

  1. To request aid: If you are a Watertown neighbor in need of some support during this time, you have come to the right place. No ask is too big or too small. By filling out this form, you will be matched with someone who has offered to provide help with that need. Your information will only be seen by the Community Coordinator.
  1. To offer help: Please share how you could help a Watertown neighbor. By filling out this form, the Community Coordinator will be able to share your contact information with a neighbor whose needs can be met by your offer. Please feel free to list as many offers as you wish.

Please do not hesitate to ask for or offer anything, and we expect most neighbors to both ask for and offer aid. Aid may include: cleaning and safety supplies, personal care items, clothing, food and delivery, financial assistance, translation services, social support, care package, transportation, housing, storage, child care, activities for kids, dog walking, tutoring, and technology support.

Email or call Sophia, the Community Coordinator at sophia_suarez-friedman@waysideyouth.org or 617-744-9585 for any questions or to remove yourself from the lists. If you do not feel comfortable filling out the form or need a translator, please call to be added to either list.

Additional resources:

  • For resources such as food access, money, health & safety, housing, utilities, joblessness, elder care, etc., please visit the Watertown COVID-19 Resource Guide created by the Watertown Free Public Library.
  • If you need further services or resources that cannot be fulfilled by the Mutual Aid Network or the Resource Guide, please call the Watertown Social Services Resource Specialist (SSRS) Program at 617-744-9585. Our mission is to serve Watertown residents by connecting them to services and resources.

Help us build the Mutual Aid Network:

  • Spread the word: Share with your friends and neighbors! 
  • Translations/Language Justice: Please reach out to the Community Coordinator if you have the capacity to translate some of our materials into other languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, Armenian, or Pashto. Translation in any language is welcomed and appreciated.

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