2 thoughts on “Bids on Elementary School Projects Under Budget, But COVID-19 Creates Additional Costs

  1. This is great news for students and parents of Cunniff, but I don’t understand what the Covid-19 requirements would be for constructing the school. Is this serious?

    Another thing if I may: I have been poking around the Federal CDC website.

    It says that US death toll from the Hong Kong flu in 1968 was 100,000, which is less than the 86,000 that the US has suffered, at least so far.


    But there was no lock-down during the Hong Kong flu.

    I ask for some local official health person to please explain why there is a lock-down now for Covid-19, especially in view of the high unemployment and economic problems it has caused. Many people can’t even get an appointment for routine medical issues.

  2. With the building of the new Hosmer school, Perhaps they will retrieve the time capsule they buried back in 1972. I think it may be located near the cafeteria, but the former principle would know, I believe.

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