Hatch Makerspace Offering Curbside Pickup of 3D Printing, Laser Cutting

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Watertown Free Public Library

Hatch Makerspace Coordinator, Liz Helfer, preps the 3D printer for new orders

Hatch Makerspace Coordinator Liz Helfer preps the 3D printer for new orders.

Design and submit your 3D printing or laser cutting projects and the Watertown Library’s Hatch makerspace will do the work. Then you pick it up!

See details in the Hatch announcement below:

Even though the Watertown Free Public Library’s Hatch Makerspace is closed to the public, you can still access Hatch’s 3D printers and laser cutter for free.

Starting the week of May 25, Hatch staff will be available to 3D print and laser cut original work submitted online. All you need to do is submit your design files and collect the work when it is complete. Although WFPL’s

Makerspace was never intended to function in this way, as short-order print shop, the new curbside pickup option is just one of many ways Hatch staff are adapting to encourage creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Watertown has such an amazing community of makers and creative people who miss the camaraderie at Hatch” says Hatch Coordinator Liz Helfer. “We hope that this program fills a creative void that many makers feel right now.”

Ready to see your 3D prints and laser cut creations come to life? Here’s what you need to know:

Free and open to all: There is no cost for 3D printing or laser cutting at Hatch Makerspace. Patrons are limited to one laser cutter job and one 3D printing job per week.

Original work only: All file submissions must be your original work. Hatch staff ask that patrons do not submit unmodified design files downloaded from the internet or other third-party sources. The goal is to encourage your creativity!

Curbside pickup process: You will be notified when your job is complete. Curbside Pickup hours are Tuesday 10-4pm and Thursday 10-4pm. Please call Hatch five minutes before arrival: 781-795-2309. Finished jobs will be placed outside the Hatch door in a shopping bag labeled with your name. Unclaimed jobs will be brought back inside Hatch until contacted again.

Submit your files: File submission is different for 3D printing and laser cutting jobs. Carefully follow the instructions on the Library’s website: watertownlib.org/hatchpickup

Questions about Hatch Curbside Pickup? Send an email to ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov

About WFPL: The Watertown Free Public Library provides access to a wide variety of popular materials, resources, services, and programs that fulfill the informational, cultural and recreational needs of Watertown and surrounding communities. WFPL works to create an environment that attracts and welcomes users of all ages and abilities. watertownlib.org

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