6 thoughts on “Council Approves Town Budget Which Includes 2nd Mental Health Specialist for the Police

  1. Why budget more for a 2nd mental health professional for the police? One can’t handle the load? I would have preferred to see us get a communications specialist for the town with that money so we can have an informed citizenry.

  2. I feel very encouraged that the questions people raised were heard, and that the police point of view was taken seriously as well.
    Good job, Watertown!

    • I feel that that the Watertown police should not have the powers to decide any psychological needs just because a household member declares a member of the same household member should be institutionalized.

  3. Just to let people know, I am not letting comments through if you are directly addressing someone, especially negatively. Just state your opinion, you don’t have to direct it at anyone. It makes comments much more aggressive and the debate becomes a personal argument.
    Charlie Breitrose, editor

  4. I totally agree Elaine. They should not be at the mercy and evaluation of the police department, particularly if it’s a domestic violence situation,
    or any other family issue.

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