2 thoughts on “Small Saves Celebrates the Fourth of July in This Week’s Comic

  1. If we are to reject the people who owned slaves, we would have to reject the Declaration of Independence and the July 4 holiday and come back under the rule of England.

    After all, 41 of the signers owned slaves: http://www.mrheintz.com/how-many-signers-of-the-declaration-of-independence-owned-slaves.html

    You see the absurd problems the “Woke” crowd creates because it thinks it knows better than everyone else.

    In addition, King George considered the Americans who declared independence to be separatists, traitors, and terrorists. Legally the colonies were his, were they not?

    And why not revert Watertown’s name back to whatever it was when it was owned by Native Americans?

    In fact, why don’t we all leave and let Native Americans take it over? Have they given us permission to live here?

    How many billions would Watertown owe Native Americans for renting the land (plus accrued interest) for a few hundred years? I would say perhaps $100 billion. Your property tax is going up.

    I don’t see even one Native American on the Town Council. Why don’t you all resign?

    As for Columbia (same word as Columbus) Street in Watertown …

    And that rock in the middle of Watertown Square that celebrates Columbus …

    We’re all waiting for the “Woke” crowd to weigh in on these things.

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