10 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Wants Tree to be Saved, Provides Cooling in Summer

  1. Why would this tree be cut down? Makes no sense. We should be increasing our inventory of shade trees, not reducing it. The benefits of these trees are many.

  2. Can someone post a picture of the pin oak that this conversation is about? It would be a shame to cut down a viable healthy shade tree. It would also be a shame if it’s already half dead and a branch fell on a resident walking under it. Clearly, healthy public trees should not be cut down. Let’s see the tree.

  3. I support preserving this tree. Mature trees are essential to create fresh oxygen and cooling shade for the inhabitants. Who wants it removed and why??

  4. save as many trees as possible. Crucial to quality of life. Watertown has allowed too many building to go up and too many trees to come down. We’d be better off with fewer buildings and more trees.

  5. Thanks, David!

    Here’s a link to Trees for Watertown’s tree inventory.
    Enter 142 Forest in the location field to learn more about this beautiful pin oak.

    TFW’s Teens for Trees and several TFW volunteers collected the data for this inventory over the last couple summers. This has been a valuable resource for Town forestry planning. It’s also a helpful resource for citizens who’d like to identify a specific tree.

    Trees are planted, are taken down, and their size and condition may change with time, so to stay useful a tree inventory needs to be updated regularly. COVID kept us from running the Teens for Trees program this summer, but we hope to return to the program next year. Meanwhile: if you notice a tree or tree site in the database that needs updating, please let us know! treesforwatertownma@gmail.com

  6. Hi, Alan:

    Removal was requested by the developer of 142 Forest who wants to put in a new driveway.

    Easiest way to see what this pin oak looks like today is to pay it a visit.

  7. I hope this tree is not removed provided it is healthy & safe! Trees provide so many benefits & take decades to grow to full size. Due to developments we are loosing too many trees! They are a great investment for our neighborhoods, for our residents & pets. Libby- Thank you for your very helpful & detailed explanation here!

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