LETTER: Steve Owens Has Put in the Work


I’m writing to urge my friends and neighbors to vote for longtime Democratic Town Committee chair Steve Owens for state rep this primary. Other letters have touted Steve’s progressive commitments and his impressive command of the issues facing our state. In this letter I want to focus instead on the work Steve has put into this race.

Regardless of your policy views, I think we can all agree that we want a representative who will be energetic about using his powers of office to stand up for us and help our community and our town. Steve is the only candidate who has a campaign website where he has written about issues that are important to him and what he intends to do in office, a key piece of transparency that other candidates have chosen not to provide. Steve is also the only candidate I’ve seen any issue mailers or yard signs for.

Steve has consistently acted like our votes are something he intends to work to earn, rather than just collect. I know that Steve will bring that same go-getter spirit to the job once in office, and he has earned my wholehearted endorsement.

Matt Lashof-Sullivan
Watertown Parent

2 thoughts on “LETTER: Steve Owens Has Put in the Work

  1. I have no idea who else is running in this race – Democrat or Republican.

    Does anyone else?

    It looks like Owens, though clearly a nice man, has been annointed by someone or something.

    • In the 29th Middlesex race (represents Precincts 1-9 in Watertown) there is Steve Owens, Mark Sideris and David Ciccarelli for the Democrats There is also the 10th Middlesex seat (Precincts 10-12) which is John Lawn and Alison Leary, both Democrats. No Republican is on the ballot for either race.

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