State Rep. Candidate Q&A: David Ciccarelli


David Ciccarelli

David Ciccarelli


I’m David Ciccarelli a third generation, lifelong resident of Watertown. As the son of State Representative Sal Ciccarelli it left the impression that public service can be rewarding, if the reason to get involved is a genuine desire to perform a duty. After graduating Tulane University, I began a life of travel, and the lessons and experiences that come with it as an overseas consultant. Traveling to over 50 countries, I consulted on US State Dept projects. Along the way I met my wife, Katya, and together we are raising
two boys in the Watertown Schools.

Q & A

The State Legislature deals with so many issues, so what would be your top three issues if you are elected?

If given the opportunity to work in the State House the top issues I would push to the front are:

Increase funding for K-12 schools, trade schools and community colleges. While budget constraints will need to be made soon, education needs to be fully funded along with the equality of education for all districts.

Work to rein in the costs of medical services and insurance rates. Expand Medicaid and MassHealth at the same time demanding that quality of care and services are equal for all citizens.

Bring back to pre-pandemic levels the funding for municipalities. We need to make sure the police, fire, schools and public works departments can operate at full capacity.

What experience do you have that would help you as a State Representative?

Some of the qualities I will bring to the House are my ability to work together with others from all ends of the spectrum, a willingness to stand up for or put my foot down on issues I am for or against, and a global education in what works well and does not. Mixed with my desire to listen to, and help, my constituents in what they feel needs addressing.

When you speak to voters during your campaign, what issue most concerns them?

Speaking to voters this campaign season the issues they feel need addressing are whether schools will open and how they will be funded. Also, will small businesses be as protected after the pandemic, or will post pandemic decisions be more favorable to the large corporations that have historically been treated well? Another issue is that besides the allocated affordable units, most construction is not family or middle class friendly.

How would you make sure that you are in contact and communication with constituents? How would someone with a question or issue get in touch with you?

I would make myself available to my constituents to hear more about their concerns by offering, not just my House office number but they could always reach me by my personal number and social media outlets. I also plan to hold monthly meeting times in both Cambridge and Watertown and would stay in constant communication with the political and social groups that are in the district and state.

Outside of politics, tell us something that people may be interested in knowing about you.

People that know me are well aware that I love to cook. Growing up Italian the main place to hang out and talk was the kitchen. Along the way around the globe a good way to start a discussion would begin with me asking about the different cuisines and preparation techniques. Once comfortable with the conversation, it was easier to move the discussion to life and life’s issues. I truly believe around the table a lot of business can be initiated because of the comfort level people have with food.

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