State Rep. Candidate Q&A: Mark Sideris


Mark Sideris, candidate for Town Council President.

Mark Sideris


My name is Mark Sideris. I am married to Marybeth and have 3 children
who all attended and graduated Watertown public schools. I am a partner with my brother as owners of Three Sons Auto Body in Waltham. I have been on the Town Council for more than 24 years, the last 11 as Council President. I am also a member of the School Committee and the Chair of the School Building committee .

Q & A

The State Legislature deals with so many issues, so what would be your top three issues if you are elected?

My top three issues would be, Making sure we have appropriate policies going forward to help the Commonwealth get through the issues that have come up because of the pandemic. Transportation issues from the MBTA and other forms of public transportation as well as safe bicycle access to the roadways around the state. Affordable housing issues will also be at the top of my list as the pandemic has and will continue to be a problem as we move forward.

What experience do you have that would help you as a State Representative?

My many years of experience on the Town Council dealing with all kinds
of issues from budgets, to climate change, to schools, and good economic development will give me a real sense of what policies and legislation may work better for all cities and towns.

When you speak to voters during your campaign, what issue most concerns them?

Right now the biggest concerns are reopening schools, and how we deal with all of the issues around COVID-19

How would you make sure that you are in contact and communication with constituents? How would someone with a question or issue get in touch with you?

My cell phone is on 24hrs a day and I give that number out to everyone.
I would also have office hours at different locations around the district.
I would create a very robust email list and send out updates as often as

Outside of politics, tell us something that people may be interested in knowing about you.

I like to spend a lot of time on the beach during my summer and winter
vacations. It allows me some peaceful time to just relax and reflect.

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