Watertown Community Foundation Celebrates Reaching $100K in Resiliency Fund

The Watertown Community Foundation has given out these lawn signs to people who have donated to help others in town during COVID-19.

The Watertown Community Foundation announced it has raised more than $100,000 for the Community Resilience Fund, which was created in to help community members during the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdown. Be sure to check out the video, which provides a nice tour of Town and features many familiar faces.

The Watertown Community Foundation sent out the following announcement:

In March of 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown our town but it did not shutdown the Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) or our community spirit. WCF worked quickly to establish the Watertown Resilience Fund with an initial amount of $40,000 from the foundation and personal contributions of board members. The Community Resilience Fund has grown to over $110,000 thanks to this amazing community. These funds have been used to help our neighbors who have faced significant financial challenges due to the pandemic and supported them with everything from grocery gift cards to emergency rental assistance. 

But, we haven’t stopped there. In a time when everyone was feeling like they needed a little love but couldn’t be near so many of their loved ones, we started the “We ❤ Watertown” campaign. So many people in our community LOVE Watertown and we want to spread the LOVE! Our yard signs are popping up all over town. You can request one by emailing: info@watertownfoundation.org

We hope you enjoy this video of some of our friends around town sharing their love of our community. 


We are always looking for ways to support and partner with organizations and businesses in town. BLING Boutique in Watertown Square is our latest partner, selling beautiful “We ❤ Watertown” stemless glasses and wish bracelets. A portion of the proceeds come directly back to the Watertown Community Foundation. Cheers to loving our wonderful town! 

Give where you live. Donate, volunteer, support a local business or just simply give love. watertownfoundation.org

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