LETTER: Former Town Councilor Backs State Rep. Candidate


Dear Voter,

I write with pleasure to endorse Steve Owens to represent the 29th Middlesex District, the seat that is being vacated by Rep Jonathan Hecht. Rep Hecht has been a progressive legislator and a great friend. I have total confidence that Steve will continue Jon’s path.

Steve was a critical team member in my campaigns for Town Council. He resuscitated a moribund Watertown Democratic Town Committee and it has become known as one of the most dynamic groups in the state. He is committed to electing progressive legislators at all levels of government. In 2016, Steve ran a successful campaign for State Committee Member with the goal of increasing voter participation. I sleep better knowing Steve is
looking out for the big picture in Massachusetts.

Steve will be a leader on issues related to transportation and climate change. With two children in the Watertown Public Schools, he will be an advocate for quality public education. Steve will listen to all voices. He will be open-minded and deliberative and fair in decision-making. He will support progressive candidates and vote for progressive policies. He is a good strategist and will be able to negotiate successfully the complex
world of state government.

Personally, I am committed to working hard to ensure Steve’s election. My endorsement is enthusiastic and without reservation.

Susan Falkoff, LICSW

3 thoughts on “LETTER: Former Town Councilor Backs State Rep. Candidate

  1. Thank you, but I make up my own mind about whom to vote for after examining their records and views.

    Everyone in Watertown could endorse a particular candidate, and it wouldn’t make any difference to me, especially if I did not vote for the endorser him/herself. In fact, it may make me vote against the endorsed candidate.

    And by the way, why so many last-minute endorsements?

    Somehow the endorsers couldn’t make up their minds before now?

  2. I will say one thing, the progressives/left wing band together and put forth a united front in order to put themselves in the best possible position to win. As for their policies, its all pie in the sky and for the most part, unrealistic and unworkable.

    • You have to admit that this is a bit ironic to say because you balance the books in Belmont, a town that literally can’t afford anything without an override. How do you reconcile with this fact each day? It is peculiar that Mark Sideris is also running for State Representative. Falkoff served with Sideris for ten years and voted with him at least 80% of the time. Then endorses someone that has not served the public in any capacity?

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