Stormwater Catch Basin Cleaning Beginning This Week

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Watertown DPW

The Department of Public Works will start stormwater catch basin cleaning during the week of Sept. 21.

The Department of Public Works will start stormwater catch basin cleaning during the week of Sept. 21.

The following information was provided by the Department of Public Works:

Beginning the week of September 21, 2020, the Town will be cleaning stormwater catch basins throughout Town, utilizing a contractor, BMC Corp. There are about 3,200 catch basins in Town and it will take about a month to clean them all.

Catch basins carry stormwater off the streets and into the Town’s drainage system, which ultimately flows to the Charles River. The purpose of this work is to remove sediment and oils that accumulate in the catch basins to reduce the risk of flooding and so that these pollutants don’t go into the river.

Remember to keep catch basins free and clear of debris that could clog them when it rains. And help keep the Town and river clean by never placing dog waste, leaves, litter or pollutants down the storm drain.

For additional information, please refer to the DPW web-site, at

3 thoughts on “Stormwater Catch Basin Cleaning Beginning This Week

  1. I’ve seen people disposing of a lot of things in the sewers over the years, which is always wrong, and a few years ago, I asked a man who would every day dispose a banana peel down the sewer not to do that, he said, ‘it’s organic, biodegradable’ – which is totally irrelevant. I told him that, and added the purpose of a storm drain is to convey stormwater off the street and anything, ANY thing, that impeded the flow diminished or possibly prevented that. This fellow, to his credit, stopped. But, I keep hoping notices that include this mis-guided perception that ‘organic’ or bio-degradable material, are ok, including ‘just small bits of trash’ is not a defense. Nothing should be tossed down there.

  2. Are there going to be signs posted over the storm drain that is schedule to be clean on a specific day.
    Melendy Ave is one side parking and there are 2 maybe 3 drains that are usually clean covered by cars. How is the storm cleaning team going to clean these drains if they can not get to them?

    • It doesn’t help to post comments here (on the Watertown News story) if you have thoughts or questions about the process. I doubt the DPW comes here to read comments. Go to the DPW website (link is given above in the article) and see how to contact them there.

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