Town Running Flu Clinics, Offering Walk Through & Drive Through Options

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Watertown City Hall

Watertown Town Hall

The Watertown Health Department will be running flu clinics. Residents can attend walk through or drive through clinics.

The Health Department provided the following information:

When going to get a flu vaccine during COVID-19,  it is essential you follow all the protective protocols; wear a mask/face covering, social distance and must be COVID-19 free for a minimum of three days.

Watertown Health Department recommends children from 6 months to 14 years go to their pediatrician for their vaccines. 

You can obtain a Flu Vaccine Insurance Form at the Town Hall, customer service window on Thaxter Street side or the Lower Hearing Room next to the park. 

Watertown Flu Vaccine Clinics For Watertown Residents 15 and Older

Drive Thru Dates:
Saturday, October 10th, 9am‐ 2pm
Saturday, November 7th, 9am‐ 2pm

Walk Thru Dates For residents 65+:

Saturday, October 10th, 9am‐12pm
Saturday, October 24th, 9am‐12pm


For more information and required forms please visit:
or call the Health Department at 617-972-6446

One thought on “Town Running Flu Clinics, Offering Walk Through & Drive Through Options

  1. Thank you Public Health Department. This is a great service by the town. However, registration was closed when I looked just now. Will there be a repeat clinic? Senior dose offered? I love the idea of a drive in as it will be safer for my family.
    Will there be a Covid Booster clinic for Seniors?
    thank you.

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