3 thoughts on “6 Residents on Charter Review Committee Revealed, Consultant Will be Hired

  1. Glad to see so many good choices
    to serve on the charter review committee
    Good choices by the Council President!!

  2. How can a change to the town government ever be seriously considered if the current charter is written to allow town council president to interview and appoint all of the members of the charter commission? Nine current councilors plus six resident members means there will be a total of 15 voting members. It is simple math to see that the current charter will never be changed as long as council president can stack the deck as has already been done with these appointments. What a broken system we have here.

    • Dan makes a very good point.

      The selection of residents and the process of the Charter Review is VERY FLAWED.

      How can change happen if the process is so tipped to benefit the current form of government?

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