4 thoughts on “LETTER: Residents Support Middle School Student Who Spoke Out Against Racial Harassment

  1. I think this heinous incident that was brought up during the local news broadcast is eye opening that children this young feel emboldened to act this way. I would to like to understand when these series of incidents occurred and what were the steps taken. Was this a series of recent or past events that are just coming to light now. It’s easy to pass the blame onto the administration, when we don’t know what happened to those students who perpetrated these acts of cowardice. What were there punishments? What was the outcome of the police investigation? It’s easy to be an arm chair critic and post comments without a deeper dive into the whole story while throwing the administration under the bus. These students should have to work with the school, local anti-hate groups and make amends with the community just to name a few. This incident should open a thoughtful and constructive dialogue that has tangible outcomes to prevent future incidents.

  2. Thank you, Scott & Jessica, for speaking up for the middle school student who was the target of racism and for raising the issue about what kind of community we want to be!

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