COVID-19 Cases Slightly Down in Watertown, Positive Test Rate Up

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The numbers of new cases of COVID-19 in Watertown dropped slightly in the most recent community-by-community report by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), but the percent of positive tests rose.

The number of cases over the prior 14 days in the Dec. 24 report (released on Dec. 31) was 236, down from 241 the prior week. The drop was the first since the DPH’s Sept. 30 weekly report.

The total number of cases is 1,144, up from 1,023 the previous week. The percent of positive tests is 4.7 percent, up from 4.35 percent the previous week.

Watertown’s average daily cases over the prior 14 days is 51 per 100,000 residents. With the positive test rate of below 5 percent, it puts the Town in the State’s yellow category — moderate risk — for a town of its size (10,000 to 50,000).

Waltham is in the red, or high risk, despite being at 47.4 average daily cases at 4.8 percent positive test rates because in the State’s standards for a community over 50,000 a 4 percent positive rate put a community into the red category. Belmont (29.4 cases per 100,000 and 3.06 percent positive), Newton (23.5, 1.44%), Cambridge (26.9, 1.18%) and Boston (59.1, 3.48%) all fall into the yellow category.

Watertown, MA COVID-19 Trends – 1-1-21 by Charlie Breitrose on Scribd

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 Cases Slightly Down in Watertown, Positive Test Rate Up

  1. Thanks for this update. Waltham is actually higher than what you stated.
    Waltham Red 510 5.47% 48.2 3112

    Watertown is so close to becoming RED. I really hope our town Health Department is preparing to close schools and make some serious adjustments in town to slow down the spread of this virus. What is happening is scary and not everyone is following the protocols.

  2. Thanks for this news.

    I would like to see a survey of what percent of Watertown, per age group, will agree to be vaccinated when their time comes.

    Will parents let their young children (infants t0 12) get vaccinated?

    I would also like to know which people on the school committee and town council will get the vaccination.

    Do people think that vaccination for Covid-19 should be mandatory? How about the flu vaccine – should that be mandatory? I am curious.

    • The Pfizer vaccine can be given to 16 and older while the Moderna is 18 and older. Until other vaccines come in that is not a choice for younger kids or even most.

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