Check Out Zine Month at the Watertown Library in February

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The Watertown Library provided the following announcement:

If you know, you know. But if you don’t know, it’s okay, because the library is going to teach you all about zines during the month of February.

Zines are generally thought of as DIY magazine-like publications of personal expression that are printed and distributed in small batches by the creator–a little like an analog blog. They give a medium for self-expression to anyone, especially people who have historically been silenced by and excluded from mainstream publications. The Library is hoping to encourage the people of Watertown to share their voices by creating their own zines.

“We’ve seen firsthand what happens when people aren’t included in historical documents” says Caroline Littlewood, Local History librarian. When patrons come to the library looking for the history of Native Americans in Watertown, there is barely any information for librarians to provide because it was never recorded, and what was recorded was from the vantage point of the white colonists. “It’s a disgrace that we can’t fix today, at least not adequately, but we can stop it from happening again,” says Littlewood.

If zine month is popular the Library intends to build a permanent zine collection. “We’ll want to focus on getting Watertown voices into the local history collection to preserve their varied perspectives and experiences,” says Caitlin Browne, Assistant Director. She goes on, “It’s going to be a long winter and making connections will be hard. We’re hoping that this is another way we can help people stay engaged, get creative, have fun, all while making history.”

Zine month will last for the duration of February with programs, a virtual expert panel, and take home activities for all ages. For more information visit

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