Charles River Group Discussing How Towns are Preparing for Extreme Weather

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Charlie Breitrose

The Watertown Dam near Watertown Square slows the flow of the Charles River. A group is advocating removing the dam.

The Watertown Dam on the Charles River.

The Charles River Watershed Association and Communities Responding to Extreme Weather will host a virtual event focused on building resilience across the Charles River Watershed.

The groups included the following description:

Adapting to the impacts of climate change is a daunting task but many local cities and towns are facing this challenge head on. Having the best possible information on the impacts of climate change locally can help guide effective local investment and appropriate regulatory changes. The fifteen communities that are part of the Charles River Climate Compact (CRCC) have teamed up to develop a Charles River watershed flood model. Join us Thursday, January 28 at 7:00 pm to hear about the development of this important planning tool and how you can be involved. 

Find out how to take part in the event by clicking here.

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