Hatch in February: YardArt, Zine Month & More

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The following information was provided by the Watertown Library:

Hatch Makerspace is located at 20 Summer Street in Watertown, MA. An extension of the Watertown Free Public Library, it is a public workshop with space, equipment, and materials available for your use. For more information contact Liz Helfer, Hatch Coordinator: ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov | 781-795-2309

Make It BIG: YardArt Ideas and How to Make Them
Tuesday, February 2, 6pm

Push back against this dreary winter by creating something in your yard, porch, or doorway – a structure, an art project, a contraption, or anything that pops to mind. Anyone can participate – no fees and no age requirement. Your creation should be family-friendly and viewable from the street or sidewalk. Your project will be listed on the YardArt map and you’ll receive a yard sign to mark your location. Plan to have your project up and ready for viewing by March 5, 2021. This Watertown, MA “exhibit” will remain up until April 2, 2021, for COVID-safe enjoyment. Register for YardArt 2021 here.

Not sure what to make or how to make your idea come to life? This workshop is for you! Hatch Makerspace will assist with finding inspiration and materials as well as questions on construction, weatherproofing, and anchoring.

Hatch Makerspace is also offering free YardArt kits to help get you started. Kits include dimensional lumber ends, assorted hardware, 2″ screws, a screwdriver, 2 brushes, cord, and metal stakes. To arrange a contactless curbside pickup of your YardArt kit, email the Hatch Coordinator, Liz, at ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov

Zine Roundtable
Monday, February 8, 7pm
The Zine Roundtable celebrates alternative storytelling and zine resources as part of Zine Month at the Watertown Free Public Library. Bring your curiosity and your questions, and don’t forget to pick up your free zine-making kit. The conversation will be moderated by Hatch Assistant and artist, Yi Bin Liang. The Zine Roundtable will feature several local zine makers and their projects:

Papercut Zine Library is a free, volunteer-run browsing library with a collection of 16,000+ zines and independent media in Cambridge, MA. The librarians at PZL are a crew of rad folks working to make knowledge accessible and to give space to narratives outside of narrow academic definitions.

Somerville Public Library‘s zine and small press section collects and preserves locally-produced, small press publications – everything from zines to poetry chapbooks to independent comics and more. It is managed by SPL librarian Tim Devin, who is a life-long zinester, and author of the “Mapping Out Utopia” zine series.

LiaLah Mawanda created Watertown Story Share with Swathi Sivasubramanian as a safe space for community members to share their experiences related to race, racial bias, racism, and discrimination. LiaLah is a student leader in the Watertown Kingian Response Team that was formed in response to George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hassan Ghanny is a poet, writer, interdisciplinary artist and zinester based in Boston, MA. His work explores the intersections of media, culture, and identity with an intention to uplift people of color and people in diasporas. He has performed multimedia poetry at venues across Boston including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Dorchester Art Project.

Seth K. Deitch was born in New York in 1956 and published his first independent magazine in the summer of 1983 and called it “Get Stupid” as a vehicle for presenting his collage art. Seth worked in the printing industry for thirty years, and has put out comic books, collections of fiction, art, obscure musings and journals on a variety of subjects.

Adrian Alvarez is the author of the superhero punch-em-up The Adventures of Comet Boy and the dinosaur buddy-comedy Raptor & Tops when he was eight. Adrian is now involved with various community comics organizations like the DAP Zine Library, Boston Comics Roundtable, and The Boston Compass.

Custom Leather Wallets with Yi Bin
Friday, February 5, 6pm
Use the laser cutter to etch your design onto a leather wallet. This makes a great gift! Learn how to use the free vector software Inkscape to create your design. After the workshop, once your design is complete, send it in and we’ll create your custom leather wallet for curbside pickup.

Tissue Dye Silk Scarves with Cheryl
Friday, February 12, 6pm
Create a beautiful design on a silk scarf Spectra Art Tissue. The tissue paper holds a water-soluble dye that readily transfers to fabric. Learn techniques to create many different designs. In addition to the kit, you will need access to water, a large flat surface, scissors, and a plastic drop cloth or garbage bags. This makes a great gift!

Reserve your free “Silk Scarf” kit by emailing the Hatch Coordinator, Liz, at ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov. Limit one kit per registrant. Kits are available for curbside pickup at Hatch Makerspace. Kits include 1 silk scarf, 3 colors of Spectra Art Tissue, and 1 pair of latex-free disposable gloves.

Blackout Poetry with Liz
Tuesday, February 16, 6pm
Blackout Poetry is a creative way to construct meaningful poems accompanied by illustration. Use markers to redact words from a book and transform prose into poetry! Because you start with printed words, there’s no fear of a blank page. This is a fun writing and art project for all ages.

Reserve your free “Blackout Poetry” kit by emailing the Hatch Coordinator, Liz, at ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov. Kits include 1 hardcover book (recently pulled from library circulation), 1 chisel-tip permanent marker, and 1 fine tip permanent marker.

Intro to Arduino with David
Monday, February 22, 7pm
Learn how to get started with programming and using Arduino hardware and software. Explore the practical applications of Arduino and build several different projects! This demonstration is most helpful for beginners with little programming experience. If you have more experience programming, please consider taking the Arduino 102 class offered next month.

Reserve your free “Arduino” kit by emailing the Hatch Coordinator, Liz, at ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov. Limit one kit per registrant. Kits include 1 Arduino, 1 breadboard, 1 switch, 10 resistors, 2 photo-resistors, 8 jumper wires, and LED diodes.

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