Town: People 75 & Up Can Register for Vaccine Online, Expect Wait to Get Appointment

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The following announcement was provided by the Town of Watertown:

The State has opened up scheduling today for COVID vaccinations for seniors over the age of 75 at various sites across the Commonwealth. Registration is done online and at this time, there is a high volume of registrants and many sites are experiencing little or no availability of appointments.

We encourage you to keep trying to access an appointment, as more sites will open up in the weeks ahead. Families, please provide computer assistance for your elderly family members or, if you do not have access to a computer, you can contact the Watertown Senior Center at (617) 972-6490 for assistance, but they have the same access as everyone else.

Please be patient. It may take several weeks to get an appointment at a location near you. As more sites are opened and more vaccines are made available, be assured that you will get a vaccine.

At this time, Watertown does not have a clinic scheduled, but the Health Department is working on a plan that will be shared when available.  Information on the State mass vaccination sites and eligibility is available at

3 thoughts on “Town: People 75 & Up Can Register for Vaccine Online, Expect Wait to Get Appointment

  1. Good news and thank you.

    In this very short video (see link below), the UK government (it seems to be the UK) admits that any death in which the person has also tested positive for Covid-19 is listed as a Covid death, regardless of actual cause.

    They say that this is done according to the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization).

    This pretty much confirms what has been reported here in the US, namely that Covid-19 deaths have been inflated. Therefore, the risks have been inflated.

    Even though the official in the video says that eventually a medical examiner must eventually confirm the cause of death, one wonders if things move that fast or if every case is examined.

    We in the US depend on daily Covid-19 death counts, but it appears those are not accurate.

    This is not honest of our government officials. But you don’t hear them giving an explanation.

    What does the Watertown Board of Health have to say? Nothing, I suspect. By not answering, they lose credibility but maybe they don’t care.

    • I think I have said this before. Not all the cases in Waterown where the death certificate mentions COVID-19, even as a primary cause, are counted as COVID-19 deaths. The Health Department investigates to confirm.

  2. I believe the key phrase in this is “keep trying”. From what I have heard, thousands have been “trying” with little or no response. I’ll wait until I hear more positive news on this matter.

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