Join the Historical Society’s Watertown Trivia Contest

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The Historical Society of Watertown is hosting a trivia contest about the Town’s history. The winner will receive a book of pieces about Watertown’s history.

The Historical Society sent out the following information:

The Historical Society is having a trivia contest!

The winners will receive a copy of the book “Watertown Echoes: A Look Back at Life in a Massachusetts Town” by Sigrid Reddy Watson. Sigrid wrote a Watertown history column for the Watertown Tab/Press from 1997 – 2001. This book is a compilation of those columns.

Please send your answers to or snail-mail them to Historical Society of Watertown, 28 Marshall St, Watertown MA 02472 by March 5, 2021.

In the case of multiple winners, the names will be put in a bowl and 3 winning names will be drawn by a member of the Historical Society Council.

The winners will be determined by whoever gets the most correct answers.

  1. What Watertown Supreme Court Justice wrote the dissenting opinion in
    the Dred Scott decision in 1857?
  2. What was the Native American name for Watertown?
  3. What automobile manufacturing plant was located in Watertown?
  4. What Watertown sculptor created the statue of Sam Adams in front of
    Faneuil Hall, of Charles Sumner across from Harvard Yard and the statue
    of Leif Erikson on the Commonwealth Mall?
  5. The Hood Rubber Company in Watertown made “PF Flyer” sneakers.
    What did “PF” stand for?
  6. The Russell Farm, a market garden off Common St. (in the area where
    Russell Ave. is now) was known for what seasonal specialty crop?
  7. Where was the Watertown meetinghouse located when the Provincial
    Congress moved to Watertown in April 1775 and it became the seat of
    government for the Massachusetts Bay Colony until November 1776?
  8. What year was the Historical Society of Watertown established?
  9. Among the many and varied products produced by Hood Rubber
    Company, which one was tested for quality by children?
  10. What percentage of Mount Auburn Cemetery land is in Watertown?
  11. What famous 19th Century American poet is buried in Watertown?
  12. Euphrates Bakery was the first to successfully market what frozen
  13. What is the oldest house in Watertown still standing?
  14. What mythical Viking city was not, in fact, located at Watertown?
  15. In 1632 the freemen of Watertown displayed an early independent
    spirit. How?

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