Congresswoman Clark Appearing at Chambers’ Women in Government Event

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Congresswoman Katherine Clark

Congresswoman Katherine Clark

The following information was provided by the Newton Needham Regional Chamber:

We’re excited to announce our 4th Annual Women in Government event, this year in partnership with the Waltham Chamber of Commerce.

Our guest speaker will be U.S. Congresswoman and Assistant Speaker of the House Katherine Clark who has served the Fifth District of Massachusetts since 2013, a diverse district comprised of 24 cities and towns that include Waltham, Weston and other parts of MetroWest. 

Rep. Clark will speak to her experience as a state senator, state representative, general counsel for the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services and policy chief for the state attorney general.

Join us to hear first-hand about Rep. Clark’s journey to becoming the fourth highest ranking member of the US House of Representatives. We’ll also have time for a few questions.

A conversation not to be missed.

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4 thoughts on “Congresswoman Clark Appearing at Chambers’ Women in Government Event

  1. Ask Cong. Clark how she and other Democrats think that letting illegal immigrants into the US ahead of those who apply legally will help American workers and their wages.

  2. You do realize that immigrants often do the work that US citizens don’t want or can’t actually afford to live off of, right? How many English speaking busboys have you met in the past decade? Do you remember when Republican Governor Mitt Romney’s landscaping crew was in the news…I don’t know any teenagers or adults that are looking to mow 20 lawns a day in the hot summer sun. Maybe you?

  3. Those busboy jobs used to be good training for young people to get work experience and help their families out with financial help if needed. And maybe if teenagers had to do those difficult summer jobs instead of being given everything by their parents they might truly appreciate that life is not always easy. I had to work nights after school at a retail store and then come home and do homework until midnight to help with my school expenses. Also, these immigrants are coming in at a time when so many of our citizens are looking for jobs and we are fighting the covid virus with limited vaccines available. Do we need more people coming in from areas that aren’t controlling the virus and many other diseases? We can’t feed and house all of our people right now and other people with no allegiance to the US often come in and get all the benefits ahead of even our own veterans.

  4. Clark is another pandering, political hack. Her greatest accomplishment is achieving a spot on Team Geriatric, I mean Team Pelosi.

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