9 thoughts on “Rumors of Sale of Watertown Mall to Life Science Developer

  1. Lab space, lab space and more lab space. Personally, I’d rather see this developed into a mixed use complex (new housing along with retail/restaurants and perhaps some lab space too) versus something that won’t benefit neighborhood residents (aside from the tax revenue). I’d be fine with another Arsenal Yards. Boylston Properties have been doing a fantastic job with the entire complex. I wouldn’t mind them taking over this project as well.

    • I saw this coming 2 years ago when Arsenal Yards started going up that the Watertown mall was next on the chopping block. I just didn’t expect it this soon.

      News like this makes me wish even more that Wal-Mart had come here instead of that abomination at Irving St and Arsenal that was put up instead.

  2. Perhaps the writer could fix the first sentence to put in the missing word (“Mall”) and change “created” to “create”. Also, the Boston Globe article indicates a deal (though not yet finalized) is in place – that seems to rise above the level of “rumors” as your headline calls this.

      • Thanks for the corrections.

        IMO, newspapers shouldn’t even publish things they categorize as rumors. If the Boston Globe felt there was enough substance to publish without naming sources, then if I were writing this article for the Watertown News, I might headline this as “Reports of sale…”

  3. I hope the town has some influence on this proposed project. If we lose the Registry, there are no others in close proximity. If we lose Target, not my absolute favorite store, but necessary for people looking for general items, seniors don’t have access to any big stores with assorted merchandise. Even Best Buy is necessary for tech stuff and again, there are no other options in our locale. I fear we are overdoing the biotech section and not diversifying our businesses in town.

  4. I’m afraid I disagree with many of the commenters: Alexandria is a really good outfit and they recognize that the only way Watertown will compete with Kendall Sq in biotech is to cluster the developments. Otherwise the biotech that has been built so far in Watertown will fail. Target can go anywhere (like across the street). The Registry can go back in their old building behind the CVS. But I would rather see high-level development in Watertown rather than cheap malls. These developments bring less traffic as well. I also disagree that the Arsenal Yards is a good project. It is full of has-been chain stores. Maybe getting rid of Watertown Mall will offer a chance to revitalize Watertown Square.

  5. Target and the DMV are utilized by so many of us as a convenience that we should consider keeping them. Let’s reflect on this wave of bio-tech labs and proceed with caution.

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