Watertown Group to Present Police Reform Initiatives to Public Safety Committee Friday

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Charlie Breitrose

Watertown's City Hall.

Watertown’s Town Hall.

The following announcement was provided by Watertown Joint Police Reform Group:

The Joint Police Reform Group encourages community members to attend the upcoming meeting of the Town Council Public Safety Committee this Friday, March 12, from 4-6 pm. The official notice and Zoom link for the meeting are here. The Zoom link is https://watertown-ma.zoom.us/j/96451613926.

Please join the meeting to learn about our 10 proposed initiatives and share their own concerns about Public Safety. 

7 thoughts on “Watertown Group to Present Police Reform Initiatives to Public Safety Committee Friday

  1. This rather small city and many who never even grew up here is attempting to become another Cambridge with one-third the population of our neighbor. Where is all of this racism, that some feel is so present and what in hell does this have to do with Watertown police? Why look for trouble where there is none?

    • Guess what Jack, everyone who lives here has a right to be heard, not just those who grew up here. It’s called democracy.

      • Thats right they do, and so do I. The disgusting out of town filthy punks that harassed and shouted obscenities and made obscene gestures at me, my wife, and many other town residents assembled yesterday to support the WPD do not! No one from outside this town will dictate to the townspeople how to spend or not spend their tax dollars. Do you get that??

        • Dean, keep your anger under control. This debate is getting so stupid and overheated that nothing good will come of it. Yes, I live here and I think there is a problem and your comment is evidence of that. How much of a problem can be debated. What should be done can be debated. But if you turn your neighbors, like me, into enemies it will do no good for this town we both live in. Get it?

        • Guess what? Some people across the street from you live in this town and have for over 3o years. And before you hijack the story, there were plenty of obscene gestures from across those in front of the police station. Want to see the photo of the guy on the motorcycle grabbing his genitals and then shaking his fist at people. It is very classy.

  2. Jack, they need to pat themselves on the back. It’s popular to criticize and stereotype the police. I just don’t get why they aren’t attacking the school system that has had actual complaints of racism.

  3. joint police reform group, did everyone in the town get mailings of this for their input, I didn’t receive one. so how does a special interest group decide for everyone what is needed?

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