5 thoughts on “Town Budget: Watertown Will Pay for New High School Without Tax Override, Fund to Buy Land to be Created

  1. With all the new property tax revenue from the construction on Arsenal Street and elsewhere, I would hope there would be no tax override, yes.

  2. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Building two new elementary schools (Cunniff and Hosmer) and totally renovating a third (Lowell) to the tune of $220 million without an over-ride is an impressive feat by itself. Adding a new Watertown High School (which is long overdue) again without the requirement of an over-ride is spectacular news for every resident and homeowner in this Town. Borrowing all that money at 1.44% is the icing on the cake! Based on the lack of comments I’m not sure how many people realize what a big deal this is for Watertown. Paying off the Retirement Deficits which took over ten years of advance planning created a significant surplus at exactly the right time. Sound financial management of the Town Budget helped improve our bond rating allowing Watertown to borrow funds at ridiculously low rates. I’m not sure any City in Massachusetts has rebuilt FOUR NEW SCHOOLS within the constraints of Proposition 2 1/2. Congratulations to Town Manager Mike Driscoll, Town Council President Mark Sideris and all our past and present elected officials who contributed in making our new schools a reality! These schools will not only create a better learning environment for our children (and grandchildren) but will also have a positive economic effect for every homeowner in Watertown.

    • It is good we won’t need an override. But, if schools had been a priority over the past many years then we wouldn’t be in a situation where four out of five of need replacing at the same time. The HS has been obsolete for three decades at least.

    • Len is correct. This is a very impressive accomplishment. The town has managed its finances very well…THAT’S why this is possible!

  3. This is truly a unique, unprecedented, Yeoman’s effort of an accomplishment, coming to fruition thanks to the leadership of TC President Sideris, Town Manager Mike Driscoll, and many others. The fiscally prudent, not always popular decisions, made YEARS AGO, lead to this being possible today. We will all benefit from not needing a tax override, but more importantly, the youth of Watertown will have 4 brand new schools in which to grow and learn. Thanks to all involved!

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