4 thoughts on “Council to Create Process to Appoint Person to Fill District D Vacancy

  1. I would argue that if the Charter requires someone who lives in the district to run in the district, if it requires the signatures to be gathered from the district…. if you held a special election the candidates would have to be from the district… therefore the EXTREMELY STRONG IMPLICATION is that anyone representing the District, must live in the District. The only exception spelled out in the Charter, is if District Councilor moves out of district or is moved out of the district by redistricting….
    But it seems to me the rest of the section on eligibility is pretty clear, the person must live in the district at the time of his or her election. Therefore, any reasonable interpretation of the Charter must be that a person appointed to fill a term, lives in the district at the time he or she is appointed.

    I frankly don’t see the need to appoint anyone…. but if the Council does appoint someone, it should be someone who, like Councilor Falkoff, agrees not to run again.

    The pertfect person for job, were he willing to take it, would be former District D Councilor and current State Representative John Lawn. John already knows the process and wouldn’t have to get up to speed. Plus he wouldn’t be interested in running again. It’s not like we haven’t had Town Councilor that also served as State Rep before. Jon Hecht, after winning a special election for State Rep, also ran for another term on the Council.

    • pretty good john, nice & simple. we do need representation, always something going on. how about it john lawn i’m in favor he can take over tomorrow!

  2. watched this fiasco last night, complete disrespect! with all the rules they were coming up with for someone who can’t run in the next election it sure did complicate things for a temp. rep. & of course the absurdity of ranked choice voting along with 6 council votes. pledge week with the “Delta’s” was much simpiler than this with them all laughing & talking about food. good god sure do miss Kenny already, & it’s only been a few weeks. make sure to return your calls unlike someone else who when faced with some heat, picked his up to say he had an important call to take………right!

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