2 thoughts on “OP-ED: Who Gets to Reform the Police?

  1. Thanks for your OP-ED, Bruce.

    As mentioned in the piece, this has become a hot and sometimes divisive issue in Watertown. Everyone’s opinions are welcomed and encouraged to be shared. But please debate the issue, not the person making the comment. Please no insults, jabs, making fun, etc. Comments with those will not be allowed.


  2. This is a difficult time for all of us and the news media just adds to false information or lack of complete information for people to understand what is truly going on. We all know that no one is always 100% right or 100% wrong. When individuals are involved in various situations, people react differently, whether they be police or presumed law breakers. All police departments are working to protect us and yet somehow we now give more credence to the law breakers who more often than not refuse to listen to police requests or commands and attempt to attack the police or run away. The police are forced to make split-second decisions that could affect their own safety or the public at large. To constantly question them after each incidence is necessary but when a final decision is made, at some point this needs to be accepted. How can we have an effective police force if they have no way to defend their positions? I don’t know how they can continue to do their jobs when all this extra stress is put upon them. The lawyers who get involved in some of these cases are known for their wish for notoriety and they certainly make a lot of money for themselves in pursing these cases. They often get more attention than the police and, therefore, the truth doesn’t get a chance to be heard. We need to remember that the media’s mantra for news is “if it bleads, it leads”. They only want to promote horrific news so people will watch them and the huge corporations who advertise on their stations will continue to back them. This is not contributing to peace and understanding. Let’s give our Watertown police the benefit of the doubt until we actually have a reason for not doing that. We have a lot of people coming to our town with the various stores on Arsenal St. and cutting through the town to get to other places. They are not Watertown residents and could be people of so many different races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Many of the crime reports highlight this evidence. I personally don’t want these people to be in our town driving drunk or high, selling drugs, stealing from our stores and committing so many other crimes. Let’s give our police the freedom to do their jobs in the best way they can and thank them for putting their lives on the line each day and not question their every move.

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