One thought on “LETTER: Gold Star Mothers President Opposes Using Moxley Field for Temporary High School

  1. With all due respect to anyone who served our country, or who lost a family member who served, this argument is absurd. The decision to use this field (or not) as a swing space for the high school should be based on facts and rational thought, not some emotional argument being driven largely by one resident who is leading this charge. Projects like this aren’t easy for anyone, but they need to be done. My family lived near this site for over a decade, and of course it would be inconvenient to be near this project; the same is true of people who live anywhere near the other possible sites. Would it be insulting to Italian-Americans if Filippelo Park were the alternative? Let’s stop this nonsense and put the energy into mitigating the negative effects of whichever site is chosen.

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