5 thoughts on “LETTER: Retiring Councilor Calls Candidates Campaign Literature Misleading

  1. Angie has a valid point. Obviously she does not have a close relationship with Hanlon and true, the literature could be deemed as a tacit endorsement. Hanlon’s own resume would suggest that he should have known better and at least reached out to Angie before inserting her name in his campaign literature. Now, he has to carve his own path in Coolidge Square.

  2. Not a great way to earn votes. All of these little ‘glitches’ tend confuse and misrepresent allegiance given or sought after. When it comes time to mark the ballot folks may pass right on by certain candidates that have a tendency to use this type of campaign strategy.

  3. Angie is a very valued Councilor who will be GREATLY missed. For someone like Mr. Hanlon to use her name without her consent to try to influence people to vote for him if he chooses to run for the District A seat is very unprofessional and misleading. I don’t know him or his background, but I would seriously consider whether he would be a good representative of the community if he already is making bad decisions. He should at the least give Angie a public apology for his actions and cease using her name in his brochures.

  4. To further clarify: during a return telephone call conversation, on the evening of Monday, May 3, 2021, Mr. Michael Hanlon asked for my endorsement; I declined. Thank you.

    Angeline Maria B. Kounelis
    District A, East End, Town Councilor

  5. come on Ange get out of the East End move into “D” ! for all your years EWBA- Present those are some pretty big shoes to fill, of course they want your name. should’ve been your best friend first then they know what representation & activism really looks like. they don’t make them like you anymore! So get a new start by coming over to “D” love to have you rep us, your just going to drive a little more to get to the best food in Coolidge Square. got a fixer upper down the street

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