4 thoughts on “Police Log: Man Robbed by 2 Teens, Driver Arrested on OUI After Speeding

  1. Many crimes, few arrests.

    Are residents not getting tired of the constant crime? Pedestrians robbed, possiby at gunpoint, breakins, etc. Where’s the outrage?

    Why not catch thieves by using decoy cars that thieves will either attempt to steal or will pilfer the insides of?

    Why not put decoy small flat screen TVs on porches and nab the porch pirates?

    Can we get some more arrests, Chief Lawn? Please explain. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

    • Your scenarios are considered “entrapment”… Nice try to make our hard working Watertown police look bad….

  2. I think Sal watches too much Law and Order. The police don’t have time for that. Overall these are nuisances that all towns deal with and we seem to have very little of them.

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