18 thoughts on “Deadline Approaching to File to Run in Watertown Election, Possible Opening on Town Council

  1. What is the status now? It is so strange because these seats were all hotly contested 2 years ago, and not all the action is on the school committee and library trustee front. If no one runs, then they will have to appoint and/or have a special election.

    • If not all the council seats are filled, it would be up to the Council to decide how to handle the vacancy. This is what the charter says:

      SECTION 2-9
      If a vacancy shall occur in the office of council president, councillor-at-large or district councillor during the first twelve months of the term for which councillors are elected, the vacancy shall be filled by special election forthwith and no earlier than 64 days from the date election is called; provided however, by vote of not less than 6 councillors, the town council may instead vote to fill the vacancy from among the voters by appointment.

  2. It’s a thankless and difficult job now with all the hostility and nastiness they must endure from a small but vocal group of people in this town who seem to hate everything about Watertown.

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