See Precinct Results for 2021 Town Council, School Committee, Library Trustees Races and the Charter Questions

Town of WatertownA map of Watertown’s Districts: Peach is A, Red is B, Lime Green is C, Green is D.

The results of the Watertown Election are in, and the winners have been announced, but if the election had followed certain precincts the results would have looked different. The Town Clerk’s office released the precinct-by-precinct counts from the Nov. 2, 2021, election. The turnout was bigger than recent Town Elections, with 24 percent of the 25,693 registered Watertown voters casting ballots, according to the Town Clerk’s office. In 2019, the turnout was 17.24 percent.

LETTER: Watertown Resident Shares His Experience Voting in the Town Election

The following letter was written on Nov. 2, 2021. Dear Friends,

Re: Voter Shock! Today is Watertown Election Day, and as a civic minded individual, resident in the City known as the Town of Watertown, I did not linger in bed until my usual hour of 7:30 a.m., but rose to prepare to exercise my duty. I voted and believe that I have recovered sufficiently from my shock, that I may now share with you my experience. Things you should know:

·         Watertown once included the towns of Weston, Waltham and large portions of Lincoln, Belmont, and Cambridge.

Candidate Q&A: School Committee

Charlie BreitroseThe public gathered outside the new Cunniff Elementary School before open house on Tuesday. Three spots on the Watertown School Committee are up for grabs, and half a dozen candidates have put their name forward. The School Committee has four-year terms, and two incumbents seek another term. Longtime School Committee member, and current chair, John Portz announced in June that he would not be running for re-election in 2021. Amy Donohue and Lily Rayman-Read seek re-election, and four challengers are running for spots on the Committee: Jessica Middlebrook, Jennifer Nicholson, Colleeen Mahoney Farherty and Rachel Kay.