29 thoughts on “LETTER: Candidate Announces Run for District A Councilor, Seeks to Represent East End

  1. Good luck Nicole. Nice to have two good candidates running in Districts A and D!

  2. You sound like a fantastic candidate.

    For me, I want to see new faces in elected positions and want to see more newcomers to Watertown running in positions. I get very turned off by candidates that talk about their long residency in town and all their connections. To me that just means more of the same.

    New faces, fresh ideas, and people with a experiences beyond the borders of Watertown are the ones that will get my vote.

  3. I’m quite the opposite and know there are many others who value lifelong residents as candidates and appreciate their unwavering commitment to Watertown. The numbers in recent elections prove I’m not alone, but to each their own and good luck to everyone in the upcoming races!

  4. I agree with Ann. As a lifelong Watertown resident and east end business owner, I support all who run but would rather have someone who has been in town for longer than 5 years. I very much support new faces and fresh ideas, we always need those things. However for me, I want to see a candidate who has a history in town and understands the town. I personally don’t want to see newcomers from outside of Watertown come in and overtake the town council.

    • Agreed. I would like to see a candidate who has lived here for a bit longer, actually knows a variety of the town’s people and hasn’t been involved in divisive online groups.

    • I think it takes time to really understand the community you live in before you try to change it. Someone who has been involved in groups that disparaged the Watertown Police and harassed other town councilors doesn’t sound like a candidate who truly has the town’s best interests on her agenda.

      • absolutely SteveD. I’ve heard from people about the nastiness with messages left on their machines, sad that she did more for the town as a whole in one day in all her years than some have done leading up to this election. I think some of their thoughts may come from “rules for radicals” by Saul A.. It is stated in the book, for every action there is a reaction. I know we’re pretty peaceful people growing up here but, when pushed……..it’s good to see the involvement

        • These two comments appear to be fact-free and use vague rumors to cast aspersion on someone who is well intentioned. If you have got a legitimate concern, then present your facts. Present verified incidents. Otherwise you are engaging in political slander, which is reprehensible.

          The stuff about Saul Alinsky is hogwash right out of the Fox playbook.

          • You can ha ha all you want, but you still haven’t presented actual facts. Now you are trying to slander me too. Junior High School level debate.

  5. So the smears and the fears have begun. Sad. Someone seeks to serve after 5 years in Watertown and they are trashed out of the gate. The Council needs a mix of people and experiences. Hopefully the voters will continue to see past some of this nonsense and choose the candidates who have a vision of where the community is going and how to get it there!

    District A appears to have two good candidates: support and work for the one you like. What a novel idea!

    • Paul, you don’t live here anymore and probably aren’t aware of the divisiveness and disrespect that’s occurring with the groups this candidate has been involved with. She’s now attempting to distance herself from those groups but the damage is done. Maybe you need to do a bit of research before you come to her defense.

      • I’m fully aware of the divisiveness and its REAL cause. It’s nothing new. So, again, support the candidate you like, if you know why you do. And don’t worry that I don’t live there anymore – you just don’t like what I have to say.

        • So, you are aware of the hateful and harassing emails and voice messages to town councilors, and the defunding of the police hopes by members of these groups? I’m sure that’s part of the reason we lost 2 dedicated councilors. I don’t think you have the full story. Maybe you should talk to some of your friends still living here.

          • Mary I deal in facts, not conjecture. And again, your sad attempt to minimize my opinion because I don’t live in town anymore is very transparent, so please stop. You can make up things all you want, including people’s motives for their decisions. I don’t support this candidate or her opponent. They are two good people seeking to serve the community. The voters will decide. Or do you not trust them?

          • Mary please tell us the details about these so called “hateful and harassing emails voice messages”. You are making accusations without presenting any valid facts. Nothing but innuendo and opinion, which are different, mind you, than facts.

          • Joe – watch the videos on cable for the evidence. I watched Councilor Kounelis mention abusive emails and voicemails because of being on the Safety Committee. She’s done this several times in the past and it’s probably part of the reason why she decided not to run. Mary doesn’t need to provide facts, you need to do your own research.

          • Mary,
            Are you aware of the lawsuit against the town that involves our police chief and several other officers on the force? If not you should take the time to read the lawsuit details. As a resident in town I find the allegations very disturbing and if true then changes need to be made at WPD starting with replacing the chief and those named in the suit. If the detective suing the town wins this lawsuit, which I think she will, then some changes absolutely need to be made at WPD. It’s the taxpayers that really lose in all of this. The Town Council and Manager also need to answer to this as well because it sounds like all of these allegations were well known prior to picking the chief.

            Your claim of harassing emails and voicemails is news to me. Please provide more specific details on those allegations.

          • What? Someone making accusations doesn’t need to provide facts?
            This sounds like a lot of hearsay and innuendo to me. I expect much more than that from someone trying to make an argument. Talk about hateful and nasty, this seems to be a pretty low level of debate.

          • well Joe if you reread my post I didn’t slander Nicole as you stated, I was stating a fact about Angie’s dedication to the town, also as Cheryl stated the fact it’s on the video not once but twice, so as you run it as always, would you like salt & pepper for the words you are about to eat!

          • No sir. I stand by what I said.

            You are trying to present as fact materials that are reasonably subject to interpretation. Sorry. . .not fact.

            And just because someone alleges that there are e-mails that are hateful, etc. doesn’t mean that they either exist or that they actually meet those criteria. You have to produce the e-mails and let other people decide for themselves.

            Many folks here have reached a different interpretation of the videos mentioned.

            It’s a shame that some are dragging political debate in this town down to the level of a schoolyard squabble.

          • o k joe last time got it ! pay attention! 2 prominent elected people stated they received e-mails & calls which they did not appreciate. being the well respected people they are, didn’t feel the need to divide the town further apart due to what was directed towards them in those messages. their right to do so. I applaud them for taking the high road.

          • Sorry Dennis, but it is you who truly don’t get it. Sorry that you can’t distinguish between your viewpoint and facts. They are indeed different.

  6. well Paul in your own words “please stop” try to focus on Amesbury & your job with the Mayor. I for one wish you would, we don’t need anyone gassing up the election here there’s enough already.

    • No I’ll keep exercising my right to free speech. My day job has zero to do with my interest in my hometown. Sorry I’ve triggered you.

      • Its interesting that Amesbury has a mayor and has only half the population as Watertown.

        • Both are cities. Watertown has a council-manager form and Amesbury has a mayor-council form.