4 thoughts on “OP-ED: State Sen. Brownsberger on Updated Mask Guidelines

  1. Dear Mr. Jack Graham,
    I know, we all know the hardship of the Covid-19 on our pockets but it has nothing to do with rising crime or a “flood of illegal immigrants”.
    Question – Do you use an umbrella when it rains out? Wear a hat when it’s cold?
    Wearing a mask to make it less likely to spread a deadly disease to someone else isn’t asking a lot.
    You do wear pants when in public do you not?
    If you care about anybody besides yourself
    PLEASE wear a mask when ever your in public.
    It may save a life.

  2. Thank you, Will, for a cogent explanation of CDC Guidelines and your interpretation of the current (dangerous) situation. I only regret that the CDC prematurely gave in to the economic dreams of Americans and withdrew the mask mandates too early, given that so many refuse to get vaccinated and minimize the need for caution.
    I have to add to the medical part of Mr Graham’s comment: the vaccine nearly 99% of the time prevents serious complications and death, but only limits, not totally prevents, transmission of Covid, particularly the virulent strain called the Delta variation. The longer the virus sticks around, in unvaccinated people, the more mutations occur, the Delta and Beta being two of them. If you want to protect yourself, get vaccinated. If you care at all about your community and asymptomatic spreading of this disease, get vaccinated. Covid is becoming known as a terrible disease with bad effects on neurologic, cardiac, and probably all the organs and systems in our bodies. And they can last for a long time. Think not just of the elderly and immunocompromised, but babies and children. And strong young adults can get very, very sick from an immune surge if they get the disease. This is an issue of caring about your community–our community and everyone in it– as well as valuing yourself.
    Please don’t conflate medical issues with political ones. Speak your mind and vote your preferences, just don’t mix them up with scientific findings which have given us great benefits and advances through the years. Best Practices do change. We have to change with them to keep up.
    Vaccinate. Mask. Distance. Wash. Support each other. We are all part of the human community.

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