3 thoughts on “Police Log: Businesses Broken Into, Multiple Catalytic Converters Stolen

  1. What is the police’s closure rate of crimes in Watertown?

    I see a lot of crime costing people and businesses big money.

    But I see few arrests and no feedback from law enforcement or Town Council.

    How do imaginative pro-active police in other communities meet these challenges?

    Is Watertown turning into another Chicago or Boston?

    The reason criminals target Watertown must be that they have little fear of getting caught.

    How much longer will this go on before something is done about it?

    Don’t complain if you are a victim of crime but didn’t do anything before that to hold town officials responsible.

  2. Broken windows, catalytic converters being stolen from cars and trucks, breaking and entering in businesses, etc. We had better begin to look out for our neighbors and business owners or it will only get worse, and since if the law breakers are caught, they will be released on bail the same day and will do it again and again. Crime and punishment does not appear to be relevant any more.

  3. These incidents are unfortunate and of course the Police Department is handling them. This isn’t exactly a major crime wave!

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