11 thoughts on “LETTER: Candidate for District B Town Councilor Introduces Herself

  1. You’re playing word games. Equity sounds so innocent. Sounds like equality, doesn’t it? What liberal wouldn’t be for equity?

    In 2021 equity is a Trojan horse word. It sounds innocent on the outside. But on the inside, it has a very specific agenda.

    Under this agenda, a black mom in Atlanta is now suing her daughter’s school for imposing racially segregated classrooms. In 2021. 60 years after the Dream speech.

    For any liberal who thinks equity is just about “fairness,” spend some time here: https://www.fairforall.org/

    • This comment is so sad. And the proof is that the poster doesn’t have the nerve to use their real name. There appears to be a deliberate effort to smear and scare new candidates for office from coming forward and offering themselves for service. Anyone who runs for office deserves respect and an opportunity to discuss their plans without facing these anonymous boogeymen!

      • Paul, I couldn’t have said it better. There is a lot of thinly veiled racism in town, which, given Watertown’s reputation for ethnic diversity, is a crying shame.

        • I think it’s a small but “quietly vocal” minority. The good news is that they aren’t getting any traction. Let’s keep it that way! I don’t live there anymore but it will always be my hometown!!

    • Anonymous poster — did you really just pop up on a campaign announcement to not so subtly suggest that we SHOULDN’T be fighting against racially-segregate classrooms in 2021? Seems like Ms. York’s candidacy is needed more than we knew.

    • Agreed, Lisa Feltner has done a great job representing my district, she has my vote! Tiffany seems to be aligned with a lot of divisive groups. I’ve noticed her support on Facebook for comments that disparage the police.

      • I too think highly of Lisa, and voted for her last time around. However I was disappointed by her decisions as Chair of the Public Safety Committee when it came to setting parameters around the discussion of race and police data.

        Watertown needs leadership that is willing to discuss racism and biases openly and honestly. These discussions need to happen in our schools and in our community as a whole, even if some people’s feelings get hurt. If black kids are old enough to experience racism, white kids are old enough to learn about it.

        This year I will be voting for Tiffany York and any other candidate with a sincere will to address racism in our community.

  2. I agree completely with Michael’s comments above. Lisa Feltner did not do a very good job at managing those Public Safety Meetings and it seemed like she intentionally limited the time of those that requested the meeting. She needed to be a lot more open and fair and that’s not how she came across.

    No town is perfect but it seems to me that we have many issues around racism that need to be looked at in town and resolved. In the years my family has lived here I have always felt that this was a town that was not tolerant of change and not so tolerant of anyone viewed as an “outsider”. Watertown is more divided than ever and the overall feeling in town is quite toxic.

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